Limits by Jessica Parker

“The human body has quantitative limits—

Lack of oxygen: 11 minutes
Dehydration: 7 days
Starvation: 30 days

What were my limits with you?”

Hymn for the EA by Savannah Payne

“Four flights up to the thick third-floor heat, hazy / images, and the thought-coating, strange- / sweet smell of Old. It is a place for me / to lay down my burden and worship.”

Tote Bag by Kay

Biography: “My name is Kay, and I was a part of this year’s graduating class of 2021. At Wesleyan, I was majoring in graphic design, and I was a member of the women’s swim team. I originally come from Hanover, Germany, where I completed my high school education. Later, I want my art and design […]

The Wild and Wonderful Dungeon Duo by David Hooper

David Hooper is an aspiring comic illustrator and character designer from Clarksburg, West Virginia. He is currently a studio art major at West Virginia Wesleyan college. One of his main bodies of work focuses on creative character designs inspired by 1930s rubber hose cartoons, but he diversifies in a range of various illustrative styles. He’s […]

Portrait at 20 by Angel Dorsey

Angel Dorsey is from Sissonville, West Virginia. In May 2021, she graduated summa cum laude from WVWC with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in art. Aside from creating art with a variety of different mediums, her interests include reading, writing, the outdoors, and spending time with family, friends, and her pets. […]


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