Icarus Falling

by Christine Scronce

Some people say Icarus drowned because he was foolish.
Others because he loved the sun.
But I think that flying over the ocean,
Away from the labyrinth,
Was the first time Icarus had ever been truly happy.
And what else could he do in that moment other than embrace it to its fullest?
Soaring higher and higher,
Letting his heart be light no matter the consequences. I think if I could be truly happy like that, 
I would let myself drown too.

Christine Scronce is a freshman biology major from Greenbrier County, West Virginia. She is a member of the Wesleyan Service Scholars and Alpha Delta Pi. She has been writing as a hobby for most of her life and began submitting short stories and poetry to writing contests and art journals in the summer of 2020. She loves Patrick Swayze movies and spends way too much time in the library studying.