i lie awake, sleeping

by Brennon Weese

i lie awake, sleeping
as the night shifts violet 
and the world spins steadily around

ringing of silence
but the peace we are keeping 
is on edge by the softest of sounds

frozen in place
with awareness surrounding
and grounding to silk entwined sheets

i let go of nighttime
and long for the morning 
as somnolent feelings deplete

as consciousness rises
and reality steps in
the goodbyes of fantasy ensue

i lie awake, sleeping 
exhausted from dreaming
and left with a fresh sky of blue

Brennon Weese is from Beverly, West Virginia and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Athletic Training. He enjoys all aspects of art but is partial to the performing arts. He currently is active in the WVWC Theatre Department and also the Old Brick Playhouse in Elkins, WV. He would consider himself a creator of musical, visual, and performance art. “i lay awake, sleeping” won first place in The Vandalia’s 2022 Art & Literature contest.