God’s Mistake

by Allyson Dempsey

I built 
a boy 
from clay.
Breathed life 
into his body.
Named my son 
and taught him 
not to lie.

It is as easy 
as it seems,
to turn wolves 
into dogs.
Beat them 
into obedience.
Make them 
think they’re loved.

I made a dreadful 
mistake, though:
by teaching 
my creations
to be true.
all they do 
is mock me:
at the moon.

Allyson Dempsey is a senior from Charleston WV with a dual-major in English and Gender studies. They have been a member of The Vandalia Staff for four years, and are amazingly proud of how the journal has grown and evolved over the years. They thank everyone for their support, and are excited to see where the journal goes from here. The past few years have been amazing, and while they are sad to be leaving, they want to wish everyone a happy life.