Honeysuckle Days by Caitlin Ware

Honeysuckle Days

It's a honeysuckle day 
Between lilac and blackberry blossom
When the high hot sun 
Turns cold grass gold 
And boats fill the lake 
While leaving in their wake 
White foamy hopes of family memories 
In the evening 
I'll go to my grandmother's honeysuckle bush, 
Bending low like the sun to pick the orange petals 
Reaching out to me like I do to them
"Pick them before they're gone," she says 
"They'll only last a few days."
In so many ways like us
So I take the book she gave me 
And press the leaves tight to the spine of Huck Finn and begin
To look forward to the return of the warm summer sun 
Like honeysuckle days between lilac and blackberry blossom

Biography for Caitlin Ware: "I earned my B.A. degree in communication studies from WVWC in 2020. I served as the UMC Liaison & Spiritual Life Coordinator (Chaplain) for WVWC in 2021. I’m originally from Flemington, WV, and I am now living in Durham, NC, working towards my Master of Divinity at Duke. I enjoy exploring WV state parks, writing, and making music."