Lunar Lovers

by Caity Sandy

Cold. I am chilled to the bone, but I don’t let that drive me away just yet. My position is perfect, and the skies are crystal clear. It feels as though this night was designed for my purpose; even the night air is holding its breath in anticipation. The only sounds I hear are the quiet rustlings of the nocturnal creatures coming out to play–that, of course, and the babble of the river in the background. I am alone with the universe, alone in the embrace of the moon and the stars. I feel as though I could stretch my arms wide and wrap them around this vast nothingness.

I need no light to guide me to this spot; the moon shines as bright and beautiful as I’ve ever imagined. With her cool guidance, I pick my way through a tangle of roots until I reach my final destination. I spread a blanket on the ground and sit, turning my face upward. I close my eyes and bask in the silver glow she has provided me with. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so soothed, my turbulent thoughts melting away in the stillness of her gaze. I feel her light brush against my skin like a lover’s hug, calling me home. She reminds me that I am safe, with her and with myself. The moon knows me in every moment; she knows my joys and my fears. She doesn’t abandon me when things get hard–no, she lends me her strength when I cannot go on. She supports me, her warriors surround me, and she teaches me how to stand on my own.

I allow myself to spend some time just staring into the black night around me. The stars glow dimly around her, almost as if they know that tonight she will steal the glory. Her luminous presence fills the sky so boldly; she demands all the attention. She rests there, full-bodied and shimmering into the darkness around her. The pearlescent luster she casts on my flesh makes me feel as though she is resting inside my veins. I could open them up and dripping down my arms would be pure moonbeams rather than red blood. She is magic, and I feel her beside me and against me and within me. The goddess, the girl, the moon. We are one and the same. I am her, and she is me, and together we are bold and beautiful. We know you in the light, and we know you in the dark. Don’t fear the huntresses that prowl the forest at night; come with us and we will show you how to live as free and as wild as Artemis. Illuminate yourself with her silver glow, take up your bow and an arrow, and follow her into the eternal wild. Let the moon be your guide.

Biography for Caity Sandy: “I’m an English writing major from Clarksburg, WV. In my spare time, you can always find me with a book in hand. My goal is to pursue a career in editing, and I hope to one day become a published author.”